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Broken Relationship…

Not all sufferings, are redemptive. Some sufferings including much of my loneliness, is consequences of my broken relationships. God created you and me for relationships. When God said “It is not good for the man to be alone.” He was referring to man’s need for woman and for woman’s need for man. “It is not good for the man to be alone,” also applies to all relationship. When an individual is alone for an extended period, the first thing he or she loses is sane, happy and spontaneous laughter. Happy laughter is possible only when there is someone to laugh with. To laugh alone is to be ridiculous. “No one man is an island” is an apt saying. ” No man stands alone. Every man is a brother. Every man is a friend.” Sometimes I feel totally alone even in a crowd. No aloneness could be more intense than being in a miserable marriage like I had 6 years ago. There is nothing as lonely as bearing pain alone with no sympathy or help even from your family and friends. Much of the loneliness will vanish if we address the alienation causing it. It can be brought about by selfishness, pride, or unbelief. When I don’t talk with, or cannot communicate with a person because of unresolved hurt, anger, resentment, or bitterness, there is alienation. Such estrangement brings mutual loneliness. I could so easily be free from much of my loneliness if only I have the humility to ask for forgiveness and the grace to forgive. The answer to much of my loneliness is healed relationships. Deeper than the loneliness caused by our broken relationships with one another is the loneliness caused by our broken relationship with God. Loneliness is temporary. Suffering is redemptive. I turn to God to heal my broken relationship. I learn not to allow my pride and selfishness to master me and rob me of joy of healthy relationships. Confess to one another ask for forgiveness, and grant forgiveness. Thank you God for the guidance and love.

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ako to 10-03-21 (Sun) 17:10

hindi ako makapagcomment dun sa sana ikaw…
sino ba yun

ako to 10-03-21 (Sun) 17:12

hi broken heart ka ba?
pareho tau

Malou 10-03-21 (Sun) 20:49


who are you? kung sino man ung “sana ikaw”… alam nya kung sino sya. broken heart? what do you think? same as me? welcome to the club! Happy weekend!

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